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A Bold Blend

Our Full City roast is a uniquely hand crafted coffee that combines exotic origins with an urban roasting profile, providing only the finest in coffee experiences. The love, passion and attention to detail that every bean receives makes it one of the world's finest coffees. It is a coffee that brings people together.

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Our Experience

Our master roaster has over 40 years experience in the coffee industry of which 20 years has been in specialty coffee. A member of the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and column patron of the Specialty Coffee Institute (SCI).

Our Coffee's Origin

Pioneer 61 coffee is a blend of fine East African and Indonesian coffees. The Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, Africa provide High Mountain Peaks and cool climates, making for a unique and savory Arabica coffee. The tropical island climates of Indonesia are capable of producing highly prized Arabica beans with low-acidity and full body, ideal for blend and balance when crafting a complex cup. Fun fact: Sumatra and Java, names now synonymous with coffee in the west, are actually Indonesian islands where specialty coffees are grown.

Coffee Profile

This Full City roast possesses subtle hints of cherry with a smooth dark chocolate finish, capturing the perfect balance between exotic origins and an urban roasting profile.

Full City Roast
A unique and memorable coffee experience, this gourmet coffee has a smooth, full roast with exceptional body and rich flavor.

Our beans are carefully selected, prepared and roasted with love and passion.

100% Pure Arabica